Benford's G&S Lexicon Entries for Utopia, Ltd.

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Act I

Monetary [monetary dunce]

Pertaining to money.

Winding-Up Petition

The process of stopping a company from trading by reason of its insolvency (142).


Prominent family of wealthy bankers. For more details see Iolanthe.


Those who are sent in to manage the disposal of a company’s assets when it has gone bankrupt.

Joint Stock Company [The Joint Stock Company’s Act of Sixty-Two]

A joint stock company is one in which the shareholders are free to sell their shares on the open market. Whaley (310) says Gilbert made a slight editorial error. (“Company’s” should read “Companies.” Tush!)

Act of Sixty-Two

The Parliamentary act (passed in 1862) establishing limits of liability for stockholders. Knight (177) argues that an act of 1856 was actually more instrumental in establishing such limits, to which Turnbull (294) replies that “fifty six” wouldn’t rhyme with “you.”

Verity [Henceforward, of a verity]

In truth.

Pink [Of sovereigns all the pink!]



Audacity, chutzpah.

Mercantile [this mercantile pact]

Pertaining to commerce and merchandising.

Rue [we ne’er shall rue]


Act II


Sharps and flats on the musical scale.

Shake in vibrato

A shake is a trill. Vibrato is a musical “pulsating effect caused by rapid variations of stress on the one note” (75).

Agitato [Or never attempt agitato]

“Agitated, hurried, restless” (102).

Palate [his sensitive palate]

The roof of the mouth.


An ornamental musical passage (102).

Sister services

Army and Navy.

Trammels [Freed from the trammels imposed upon them]

Rigid constraints.


A brochure describing the attractive features of a proposed company.

Transmute [transmute by a word]

Change from one substance, nature, or form to some other.