The Sorcerer

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Act I
Ring forth ye bells 1 Girls, Men
Constance, my daughter, why this strange depression? 2 Mrs. Partlet, Constance
When he is here 2a Constance
The air is charged with amatory numbers 3 Dr. Daly
Time was when Love and I were well acquainted 3a Dr. Daly
Sir Marmaduke, my dear young friend Alexis 4 Sir Marmaduke, Alexis, Dr. Daly
(Dance) 4a Orchestra
With heart and with voice 5 Girls, Men
My kindly friends 6 Aline
Happy young heart 6a Aline
My child, I join in these congratulations 7 Lady Sangazure
With heart and with voice (Double Chorus) 8 Girls, Men
Welcome, joy! 9 Sir Marmaduke, Lady Sangazure
All is prepared 10 Alexis, Notary, Aline, Villagers
Love feeds on many kinds of food 11 Alexis
My name is John Wellington Wells 12 Mr. Wells
Sprites of earth and air 13 Alexis, Mr. Wells, Aline, Girls, Men
Act I Finale 14 Sorcerer
Act II
Happy are we in our loving frivolity (1877 version only) 15 Villagers
Tis twelve, I think (1884 version) 15 Alexis, Mr. Wells, Aline, Villagers
Dear friends, take pity on my lot 16 Alexis, Notary, Aline, Constance, Villagers
Thou hast the pow'r thy vaunted love 17 Alexis
I rejoice that it's decided 18 Sir Marmaduke, Alexis, Dr. Daly, Aline, Mrs. Partlet
Oh, I have wrought much evil with my spells 19 Mr. Wells, Lady Sangazure
Alexis! Doubt me not, my loved one 20 Aline
Oh, my voice is sad and low 21 Dr. Daly
Oh, joyous boon! oh, mad delight 22 Alexis, Dr. Daly, Aline, Villagers
Prepare for sad surprises 23 Alexis
Act II Finale 24 Sorcerer