Utopia, Ltd.

Primary tabs

Introduction Orchestra
Act I
In lazy languor motionless 1 Phylla, Girls
O make way for the Wise Men 2 Chorus
In every mental lore 2a Scaphio, Phantis
Let all your doubts take wing 3 Scaphio, Phantis
Quaff the nectar 4 Chorus
A King of autocratic power we 4a King, Chorus
Although of native maids the cream 4b Nekaya, Kalyba
Subjected to your heavenly gaze 6 King, Sophy
Oh, maiden rich in Girton lore 7 Fitzbattleaxe, Zara, Chorus, Men
Ah! gallant soldier 8 Fitzbattleaxe, Zara, Chorus, Men
It's understood, I think 9 Scaphio, Phantis, Fitzbattleaxe, Zara
Oh, admirable art 10 Fitzbattleaxe, Zara
Finale Act I 12 Utopia Ltd
Act II
Oh, Zara!...A tenor, all singers above 13 Fitzbattleaxe
Words of love too loudly spoken 14 Fitzbattleaxe, Zara
Society has quite forsaken 15 King, Flowers, Lord D., Fitzbattleaxe, Corcoran, Goldbury, Barre, Blushington
Entrance of Court 16 Orchestra
Drawing Room Music 17 Orchestra
This ceremonial...Eagle high in cloudland soaring 18 King, Chorus
With fury deep we burn 19 King, Scaphio, Phantis
If you think that when banded in unity 20 King, Scaphio, Phantis
With wily brain 21 Scaphio, Phantis, Tarara
A wonderful joy our eyes to bless 22 Goldbury
Then I may sing and play? 23 Lord D., Goldbury, Nekaya, Kalyba
Oh, would some demon pow'r 24 Sophy
Ah, Lady Sophy, then you love me! 25 King, Sophy
Oh, rapture unrestrained 25a King, Sophy
Tarantella 25b Orchestra
Upon our sea-girt land 26 Chorus