The Mikado (National Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Company, 2015)

16 Aug 2015 to 14 Nov 2015

This is a new production of the most popular of all the Savoy operas. The director is John Savournin who has delighted Festival audiences with top quality traditional productions. The Mikado is a hilarious, topsy-turvy tale, which shows the talents of this remarkable British duo at their very best.  The famous melodies include “Three Little Maids from School”, “A Wandering Minstrel”, “Tit Willow” and many more.  
The show is set in the fictional town of Titipu, where tailor Ko-Ko has been appointed Lord High Executioner; except that he hasn’t actually executed anyone.    The show teems with a range of unforgettable characters.  Pooh-Bah is the arrogant and sneering Lord High Everything Else;  Nanki-Poo is the disguised son of The Mikado who escaped the court to avoid the attentions of the intimidating and ugly noblewoman, Katisha and Yum-Yum, the sweet and perfect ward of Ko-Ko, is in love with Nanki-Poo.  Then the formidable Mikado arrives and lives start to take a turn for the worse. 
The Mikado is hilarious romp of captivating silliness and it is no wonder that this glorious fantasy has become one of the best-loved of all the Savoy operas with big, colourful characters and well-known songs that you will be humming long after you have returned home.   A joy.