The Pirates of Penzance (SavoyNet 2015)

12 Aug 2015

SavoyNet Performing Group have been performing at the International G&S Festival every year since 1997. They are the only company to perform all 14 G&S operas at the Festival. In 2013 they won the International Champion’s Trophy with their production of The Yeomen Guard and were runners-up in 2014.

The Pirates of Penzance is a swashbuckling tale awash with tender-hearted, hapless Pirates, bumbling, blundering policemen, a Major General, his large family of unwed daughters and the handsome Frederic who was apprenticed to the Pirates as a child until his 21st birthday. The show opens as Frederic is celebrating his freedom and his return to respectable society, but by a cruel twist of fate, his birthday just happens to be on February 29th, a leap year.  Technically he is really only five years old and will not reach his 21st birthday until he is in his eighties, so it’s back to the Pirate ship for poor Frederic and he must leave his beautiful Mabel behind.

Interpretative style: