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Name About Talent Type & Voice
W. H. Denny

See the article on W. H. Denny at Wikipedia.

Soloist, Actor; Baritone
Harriet Everard

See the article on Harriet Everard at Wikipedia.

Soloist; Contralto
Josephine Findlay

Josephine Findlay created the role of Zorah in the original Ruddygore, 1887.

Soloist; Soprano
R. Scott Fishe

See the article on R. Scott Fishe at Wikipedia.

Soloist; Baritone
Walter H. Fisher

See the article on Walter H. Fisher at Wikipedia.

Soloist; Tenor
May Fortescue

See the article on May Fortescue at Wikipedia.

Soloist; Soprano
Warwick Gray

Warwick Gray created the role of Guron in the original Princess Ida, 1884.

Chorister; Bass
Martyn Green

See the entry on Martyn Green at Wikipedia.

Soloist; Baritone
Sybil Grey

See the article on Sybil Grey at Wikipedia.

Soloist, Chorister, Actor; Mezzo-soprano
Lawrence Gridley

Lawrence Gridley created the role of Captain Sir Edward Corcoran, KCB in the original Utopia (Limited) in 1893.

Soloist; Bass
Andy Griffith

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Soloist, Actor; Baritone
George Grossmith

See the article on George Grossmith at Wikipedia.

Soloist; Baritone
Julia Gwynne

See the article on Julia Gwynne at Wikipedia.

Soloist; Mezzo-soprano
Bowden Haswell

Bowden Haswell created the role of Calynx in the original Utopia (Limited) in 1893.

Rose Hervey

Rose Hervey created the role of Kate in the original production of The Yeomen of the Guard, 1888.

Soloist, Chorister; Soprano
Jones Hewson

See the article on Jones Hewson at Wikipedia.

Soloist; Baritone
John Hollingsworth

John Hollingsworth created the role of Counsel for the Plaintiff in the original production of Trial By Jury in 1875.

Soloist; Baritone
Marion Hood

See the article on Marion Hood at Wikipedia.

Soloist; Soprano
Emma Howson

See the article on Emma Howson at Wikipedia.

Soloist; Soprano
Charles Kelleher

Charles Kelleher created the role of the Foreman of the Jury in the original production of Trial by Jury in 1875.

Soloist; Bass
Charles Kenningham

See the article on Charles Kenningham at Wikipedia.

Soloist; Tenor
Lillian LaRue

Lillian LaRue was the original Kate in the London premiere of The Pirates of Penzance in 1880.

Soloist; Alto
Nellie Lawrence

Nellie Lawrence created the role of Fiametta in the original production of The Gondoliers in 1889.

Soloist, Chorister; Soprano
John Le Hay

See the article on John Le Hay at Wikipedia.

Soloist, Actor; Tenor, Baritone
Durward Lely

See the article on Durward Lely at Wikipedia.

Soloist; Tenor